1. A thin layer of marble or other stone
  2. A sheet of an ultra-light and resistant reinforcing material such as aluminum or fiberglass.
  3. A layer of hexagonal honeycomb.
  4. Another sheet of ultra-light and resistant reinforcing material, equal to point 2.

The set forms a composite with a natural stone skin that offers extraordinary mechanical and physical properties for marble or stone coatings.


Shockproof Lightweight Stone Aluminium Honeycomb Composite Panels 10mm 0


Features of Stone Aluminum Honeycomb Panel


Comparing with solid stone, it's extremely lightweight.

Excellent strength, good rigidity, and super stiffness.

High resistance to moisture and corrosion.

Fire resistance and shockproof.

Heat insulating and soundproof.

Easy to be processed into any artistic designs or unique shapes.

Easy and safe for installation.

Diversity color choices bring an elegant decorative effect.

Cost efficiency.

Recyclable, friendly to the environment.




Stone aluminum honeycomb panels are widely used in our daily life, not only in architecture area but also in transportation and other areas.
Architecture areas:
Used for architecture: curtain wall, façade cladding, roofing, soffit, and column cover of the buildings.
Transportation areas:
Used for cruise ships, fast ferries, luxury marine, yachts, and other special vessels.
Used for the rail vehicle, lorry, cabins, and flap systems.
Other areas:
Used for the cleanroom, wind tunnels, and lifts platforms, bathroom, kitchen, floor, handrail.
Used for furniture, work table, and countertop. Mobile platforms for scenes or audiences.